Client Story

Soul CBD Education

CBD products exist in a sort-of limbo right now, which makes it tricky to run an e-commerce store for CBD. Though CBD is federally legal to consume everywhere, some states have extra regulations about how it can be consumed. Not to mention, many people are under the impression that CBD is one and the same with marijuana or THC. Needless to say, Soul CBD knew their customers constantly have a lot of questions. 

Their “CBD Education” section on their website was the solution. It would be packed full of educational and highly researched information on everything CBD.

However, they needed their articles to not only be 100% accurate (for legal and ethical reasons) but also to be different from all the technical-jargon-filled articles out there. In short, they needed a writer who could do the needed technical research and then translate the information into conversational and simple-to-understand articles that blended seamlessly into the Soul CBD web content. 

And that’s where I came in. 



To write about a subject that was not only pretty complex in itself but also carried legal and ethical implications, because it is still in the process of being regulated and researched. 

Plus, we had to ensure that the work didn’t read like a technical article. Instead, the work had to be written like it was coming from Soul CBD’s brand persona: an extremely knowledgable but down-to-earth, youthful person excited about the latest advances in wellness. 


I did lots of research up front so that I could personally understand how CBD affects the body, how federal and state governments view it, and what emerging research says about its role in possibly treating everything from minor aches to mood disorders to chronic illnesses. 

For each article, I dove deep into a niche subject (such as the role of CBD in stress management). Then, when it came time to write, I culled the information to the most need-to-know stuff. And, finally, I wrote, infusing the content with Soul CBD’s brand persona.


Here’s what Soul CBD had to say:

Krista is an outstanding copywriter. Her content is thoroughly researched and backed by scholarly, credible, sources. Being in the CBD space, we have to be very careful with any claims that we make. So if we do make any sort of claims or suggestions, they must be backed by credible sources. Her copy is also engaging, which is difficult to craft in a space where much of the copy is scientific.”

Jeff Copher, Soul CBD