Client Stories

SEO website copywriting + edits & audits for businesses like yours.

As you’ll see, my writing ranges from punchy n’ fun, to flowy and romantic, to straightforward and thoughtful. It’s all about striking a balance between your voice and what will connect with your customers. 

Mike Glatzer Photography - Done-for-You Website Copywriting

Mike is a seasoned photographer who came to me because he was at a loss as to why his website wasn’t hitting home with his audience. He was worried about hiring someone else to write his website copy for him because he didn’t want to lose his personality (that’s a big reason his clients hired him, after all). 

I wrote his website copy to draw out his fun-loving personality and speak directly to what his clients needed to hear to feel excited and confident Mike was the photographer for them. 

Marina Nabão - Website Copy Edit & Audit

Marina Nabão is an embodiment coach and somatic healer for leaders and care providers seeking a deeper level of healing and empowerment.

She came to me because she had written her website content but knew it could be clearer and more conversion-focused — plus, she struggled to incorporate the spiritual element of her work into her messaging.

Inward Voyage - Website Copy Edit & Audit

Gary is a spiritual teacher and healer who had finally launched Inward Voyage after years as a practitioner. He had written all his website copy for Inward Voyage, but he was worried he was using too much “jargon” and losing his audience. He also felt unsure if he was speaking straight to the heart of his clients’ pain points or if he was being too ambiguous about what he “actually does.” I edited and streamlined his copy for impact, while maintaining his voice and message. 

Lena Zaric Jewelry - Done-for-You SEO Website Copywriting

Lena is an artist, maker, and designer with unbelievable talent. She was finally launching her jewelry brand, featuring her organic, flowy pieces and signature spiritual energy. But she had a problem: She struggled to chisel away at her website messaging. Because her pieces were so personal, visceral, and visual, it felt challenging to put words to their value.

That’s where I came in. I wrote her website copy to establish her brand and honor her work, as well as set her website up for success with SEO.

Great Resumes Fast - Done-for-you SEO website copywriting

Jessica, the founder of Great Resumes Fast, had built an incredible, successful business. But 10+ years into her business, she was too close to it to articulate what made Great Resumes Fast stand out from the competition (especially with prices higher than typical “resume mills”).

We worked together to zero in on her target clients’ struggles and the unique value found in Great Resumes Fast’s process and translate that onto her new website. Since then, the company has been booked out every week.

Gretchen Egging

Gretchen loved her job, but she felt her diverse passions might be better served doing something else. Only, she wasn’t sure what. So, she asked me to write her personal website in a way that left her career open to wild possibilities while still demonstrating who she was at her core.