Client Story

Great Resumes Fast

Jessica is the founder of Great Resumes Fast, a company she grew from “doing resumes for friends” to one of the top resume-writing companies in the country. 

She has a strong process, an incredible writing staff, and results that blew standard “resumes mills” out of the water. Yet, her previous website didn’t lead with this value proposition. Moreover, the key selling point of Great Resumes Fast was its personalized elements and human touch — which was nowhere to be found on the website. 

I worked with Jessica to understand her vision for the new website and interviewed her clients to draw out what loved about working with the company (and were willing to pay top dollar for!). 

Then, I created a brand new website strategy and website messaging that reflected the specialness + human element of the brand. To round it out, I gathered in-depth testimonials and created case studies from Great Resumes Fast’s raving fans. 

Since the website went live, Jessica reported that they’ve been booked with sales calls straight every week. 


– To humanize a brand authentically amid a very “corporate” field

– To create a website strategy (+messaging) that positioned Great Resumes Fast as different than “resume mills”

– To overcome the inevitable price objection when the prices are (justifiably) much higher than the competition


– A message that retained a professional voice but empathized with readers to make the humanity of the company come across

– Website strategy that effectively answered questions and objections as they came up

– Simplified services and calls-to-action to streamline the user experience through the website

– Detailed case studies and collection of abundant social proof to back up the ROI of the cost 



Here’s what Jessica had to say:

“The new copy has been on our website for 5 months and our calendar has been fully booked every week since the new site went live.

I deeply valued the work Krista created for my website. I’ve been so close to the business and website for so long that it was hard to stand back with an objective view and think about what my target audience needed to hear, and then put that together in a way that not only was SEO-optimized but answered the questions my visitors were asking.

I cannot recommend Krista’s work highly enough. She cares, she knows what she’s doing, and she produces excellent work. You will not be disappointed.”

Jessica Hernandez, founder of Great Resumes Fast