Client Story

Gretchen Egging

Gretchen is a remarkable person with diverse interests and talents. She had a successful career as a project manager for large companies doing good in the world, so she was, overall, satisfied.

But…there was also a part of her that longed to bring her other passions into the foreground. In her free time, she was an expert hiker (even climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro), solo world traveler, and creative maker. 

She believed that there was another career path out there for her that fulfilled all of these. But she wasn’t sure what it would look like. And that’s what made writing a personal-professional website so challenging. How do you create a brand that’s based on “being open to possibilities” that doesn’t seem like it’s all over the place

 Through long conversations with her, I pinpointed what linked her passions together. Then, I wrote copy that wasn’t about a specific career or offering. Instead, it was about her calm and flexible approach to everything she does, and how that makes her well-suited for complex, risk-driven leadership roles–in whatever form that might take.



To define a brand for a person who knew who they were but not what they wanted to do. I needed to create a message that was specific and powerful enough to invite inquiries and opportunities–of the sort that Gretchen would actually thrive doing–but not too specific that it would pigeonhole her into one career.  Also, in order to attract the types of opportunities she was hoping for, the copy had to be very honest and real.


A message that explicitly celebrated the complexity and diversity in who Gretchen was, rather than trying to hide it. But, crucially, every passion she showcased was tied to her prowess as a leader in business. In addition, I made sure to create a clear through-line and consistent voice so that she never came across as being in the midst of an identity crisis. 

Here’s what Gretchen had to say:

“Krista was super awesome to work with. She provided content for four pages on my website. Each page that she sent over for review was 100% on the mark on the first try. I had minimal edits for her. When I did have edits, she was fast to respond and answered questions thoroughly. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing copy.”

Gretchen Egging