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Does the about page really matter? Many e-commerce store owners think that the about page belongs buried in their website footer, alongside cookie-cutter information like the privacy policy and shipping details.

But the about page is one of the most visited–and therefore most important–pages on your website. And it’s even more valuable for smaller e-commerce businesses that don’t have widespread brand recognition. New customers clicking on to your home page may not have a solid idea of what your company “is about.” It’s up to you to have an about page that tells them.

That’s why your about page is a huge opportunity to turn new leads into customers and even long-term advocates for your brand. It’s where you can go beyond talking about your products and share what makes your company special–why customers should choose your company over any other.

What most e-commerce store owners get wrong about their about page

Many store owners view the about page as outside the sales funnel. They treat their about page like a boilerplate, where they share necessary information but don’t sell. By thinking this way, they’re missing an opportunity to convert new leads into big-time, loyal customers.

Think about it. If someone cares enough to read your about page, they’re going to be a pretty invested customer. If they connect with what your about page says. 

So if you don’t get anything else from this article, know this: Your about page is very much a part of the sales journey a customer goes through on your website. Make it count.

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