Client Story

Lena Zaric Jewelry

Lena is an artist, maker, and designer with unbelievable talent. She was finally launching her jewelry brand, featuring her organic, flowy pieces and signature spiritual energy.

But she had a problem: She struggled to chisel away at her website messaging. Because her pieces were so personal, visceral, and visual, it felt challenging to put words to their value.

That’s where I came in.

I took her through my SEO website copywriting process designed to draw out her core messages and tap into the deepest desires of her customers. The process included several customer interviews, which ended up as beautiful testimonials on her website!

Ultimately, I wrote her website copy to establish her brand and honor her work, as well as set her website up for success with SEO.


To give a voice to the energy of the Lena Zaric Jewelry brand, and help customers feel excited about purchasing her pieces online. At prices ranging from $88 to $1500, this can be a significant investment for many customers. 

It was also a challenge to determine the target keywords for her pieces that would bode well for ranking on Google as her brand grew but also honor the truth of her work. 



-A lengthy 90-minute interview with Lena, recorded and transcribed to draw out her voice 

-Interviews with her target customers to hear it from the source what they love about Lena’s pieces and what they look for when shopping for jewelry

-Testimonials pulled from those interviews to showcase on the website and build trust with potential customers

-Competitor analysis to determine how to set Lena’s brand apart from the thousands of other jewelry brands out there and make hers feel “fresh”

-A close revision process with Lena and her designer to make sure everything felt true to Lena’s vision and flowed well within her website

Here’s what Lena said:

“Krista is professional, sincerely curious and able to communicate brand’s mission and vision into a compelling and catchy copy. I will be working with Krista again and excited to work on my brand with her.”

Lena Zaric, Lena Zaric Jewelry