Client Story

Mike Glatzer Photography

Mike Glatzer had a strong voice—it was funny, a little nerdy (in a great way), and bold. But, he was at a loss as to why his website wasn’t hitting home with his audience. He was also convinced that his photography services appealed to…well, anyone.

I helped him nail down who his target client actually was: A person who wanted a photographer to make them come alive, rather than shooting them in particular style. His client cared mostly about being comfortable in front a camera and having their personality shine through, loud and clear. Many photographers market their style—California cool, minimalist, or edgy—but Mike’s approach to the craft was different.

Then, I wrote brand-new copy for his website to resonate with his newly identified target client and suggested changes in the layout and design for a more intuitive customer experience.

Finally—importantly—I made sure to keep his voice vibrant throughout.


To articulate what made Mike’s work stand out and who exactly he was trying to attract. Mike’s first site was beautifully designed, but the language was falling flat because it was trying to appeal to anyone and everyone. 

Also, Mike’s biggest fear when it came to hiring a copywriter was that I would lose his voice. He knew that because he was his business, his personality had to be front and center. So, making sure his new content sounded as “Mike” as his old content was an added challenge.



An in-depth discovery call to parse through Mike’s approach to photography, which clients he felt most connected to, and the mission behind his business.

Ultimately, I discovered that there were two things Mike had that made his business special: 1) his ability to instantly make his subjects relax and enjoy themselves–which led to a fun memory and natural-looking photos, and 2) his expert knowledge on how to manufacture his own lighting–so he could shoot in the dark or create beautiful, theatrical shots.

I made sure to weave his trademark phrases and jokey style throughout the copy so that it sounded like him.

Here’s what he had to say:

“From the initial emails and opening consultation to the final delivery, Krista was a pleasure to work with and made the entire experience easy and simple. She did plenty of research before our initial chat and again before she created the copy and it showed! She also had some fantastic suggestions to my site layout that really improved the flow and UX. She’s worth every penny.”

Mike Glatzer