Take your website from
“basic business requirement” to your
Most Valuable Sales Tool

 …so your website sells for you in the background and you feel rock-solid about your online presence

Even if you’re not actively sending folks to your website…
hances are, they’re checking it out anyway.

Media. Collaborators. Podcast hosts. And yes, your potential clients.

Even if they meet you in person or they’ve been following you on social media for months, they’re going to click over to your website, at a crucial moment.

That crucial moment?

When they’re considering hiring your company.

And at that crucial moment, they could feel seen and heard — and frankly, blown away.

(Thinking: Whoa, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.)

Or… they could feel underwhelmed, overwhelmed, or plain confused about what you offer + why it’s worth your rates.

(Thinking: Um, maybe this is what I need? Depending on the price.)

Your website’s role in this crucial decision-stage moment is why I believe every founder should be able to use their website as their Most Valuable Sales Tool.



Website strategy & user experience

This isn’t just about words and sentences. Our work together is about taking your website visitors on an intentional sales journey that ends in action.

Interview-informed + empathetic messaging

Your Most Valuable Sales Tool is not the place to guess or assume. I interview your best past clients to write messaging that will resonate powerfully.

SEO for client-based businesses like yours

Want more visibility? I provide you with a foundational SEO approach built for your needs as a client-based business. Minus the confusing tech jargon!

My signature service

Lead-Generating Website

A done-for-you experience 

What’s in your head + what’s in your clients’ heads = clear, powerful messaging.

1. Pre-Project Deep Dives

  • You answer my Market & Mission Questionnaire


  • I interview you, the founder + key team members


  • I conduct 5-6 customer interviews

2. Website Strategy, Messaging, and SEO

  • I create a strategy-driven wireframe in Google docs


  • I write custom website copy for each page


  • You get a video walk-through of your copy

3. Review Calls & Revisions

  • You note any changes and your overall impressions


  • We do a Review Call to discuss live


  • I revise and send you the new draft


  • Repeat!

4. Implementation & Design Collab

  • You send the wireframes and copy to your designer
  • I collaborate with your designer
  • If you’re using a template, my assistant will implement your new copy

5. Optional: User-Testing & Validation


  • When your website is finalized, I take it through objective user tests and collect feedback on your messaging
  • We do a final round of adjustments based on that feedback, so you’re confident it converts!


> 5 core website pages, including copy & layout, to inspire trust and action

> Recommended navigation menu, visuals, testimonials, and other elements for a strategic user journey

> Two rounds of revisions + Review Calls (so you don’t have to write anything, including revision notes)

> Collaboration with your designer OR implementation by my team

> Story-driven customer testimonials, taken directly from my interviews

Optional add-ons:

Customize your website copy project for your business goals


  • SEO: keyword research, metadata, and optimized copy to get found on Google
  • User-testing & validation: objective user testing and feedback of your live website for a final round of adjustments, so you’re sure your website converts
  • Additional website pages, sales pages, or digital product descriptions: custom pages unique to your offerings 
  • Case studies: share the results (tangible and intangible) your clients get through a memorable narrative to demonstrate ROI
  • Lead-magnet & email welcome sequences: attract and nurture new email subscribers to become your biggest fans (and soon-to-be clients)
  • Resonate Messaging Guide: a breakdown of my Voice of Customer research to guide future marketing & messaging efforts

This is so much more than a professional-sounding website.

By the end of our project, you’ll walk away with…

  • A clear understanding of your value proposition and the ability to articulate it with ease and power
  • The confidence to send leads, clients, media, potential hires, and partners/collaborators to your website to learn more — instead of having to “explain what you’re really about” in emails or in person every time
  • A search-engine-optimized website primed to capture traffic from Google, without you lifting a finger
  • Documented proof of the impact you have on your clients to banish any self-doubt & imposter syndrome
  • Website messaging that turns every sales call into a “just a final gut check”, because people are already 95% certain they want to hire YOU
  • 5+ pages of creative, strategy-driven website copy and wireframes to draw in your ideal clients and keep them reading until they book a call or inquire
  • Compelling meta descriptions and title tags that not only help you rank in Google search results but also ensure that people click YOUR link and not the next one down
  • Transcripts of all the client interviews and breakdowns of how to use the information in your future marketing and business decisions


4-6 weeks

We can likely start immediately — I’ve hired research help to reduce my lead time to virtually zero and get your website launched faster!


Starting at $4500

If needed, I also offer 6-month payment plans — with no interest charged — to help make your investment cash-flow friendly!

Custom add-ons:

$500 – 2500

During our initial call, I can provide you with a total rate for the add-ons you’d like. 

Want all the details before we chat?

(Don’t worry — I’m the same way.)

Download my 2022 Services Guide for a transparent breakdown
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What other done-for-you clients have said ⤵️

“Working with Krista was a great experience! As someone who’s in more of a formative stage of business, it was really important that I worked a copywriter who could work through a good deal of ambiguity to provide a clear direction on my website’s story. 

Krista was incredible at taking a relatively minimal level of detail and crafting a robust, compelling narrative. In working with her, you will find a partner who is genuinely committed to your success. She is a heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to do everything she can to serve your exact needs as a client–and I’ve never felt more supported! 

For anyone seeking a copywriter to tell their story in a way that captivates attention and builds genuine empathy for target audiences, I would 10/10 recommend Krista.

Carly Cheton

Founder, The $100k Creative

I absolutely loved working with Krista! I was so lucky to have found her and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She was able to translate my ideas into beautiful copy that not only landed with prospects but converted them into customers.
She took the time to really understand my story and journey, my vision, and my company. My offerings are not as straightforward as most companies and I appreciate Krista really taking the time to clarify outcomes.”
Nzinga Moore

Founder, Empowered to Act

“Krista does more than just write your website copy. She digs deep to make sure it’s aligned with your brand and core values. Her interview process was thorough and it resulted with copy that sounds like me, is clear and communicates what I want potential clients to know. She was great at designing a flow that moves clients through my site. I feel like my website now is a marketing tool with a strategic component to speak to and convert my ideal clients.

Since my new website copy went live a few weeks ago, I’ve had 3 google inquiries and all 3 booked my services. They were my ideal clients and a pleasure to work with. I believe my website now reflects my brand and my values clearly to potential clients so by the time they book a discovery call, they are ready to work together. 

The testimonials Krista gathered were a real confidence booster. It’s always nice to get feedback, but having someone else actually interview your past clients is above and beyond. And the fact that my clients were so eager to help in this process was truly touching. It made me see clearly the impact my work has for my clients.”

Deb Stevenson

Founder, Cedar & Bark Photography

“Krista is so thorough, thoughtful, and easy to work with! We’ve never handed this much copy off to someone before and we 100% picked the perfect partner for our website refresh.

Working with Krista was a mental health move of investing in the support you need. Finding the right partner is so important. We’re excited to get the new site launched soon and we’re very confident we’ll see results.

The entire process was very smooth, we felt very well taken care of! If you have the opportunity to work with Krista, jump at it!

Nicole DAlonzo & Jason Keath

Co-Founders, Social Fresh

“More than anything, working with Krista energized us to get serious about our new business. We completed our work with her while on a difficult work project; and are really happy with the results. We’ve already been contacted by a new client and we have a job in Mexico, a new market for us!

Patrushkha Mierwza & Mark Ulano

Co-Founders, Ulano Sound Services

“I felt very supported while working with Krista, and it was like unwrapping a gift when I received the new copy for my website.

Her questionnaire and her questions during our kick-off call were on point and allowed us to go deep into my business. The clients interviews are a fantastic tool to gain insights and get an outside point of view. And I really felt like Krista was holding my hand during the review process to ensure that I could update my website properly. 

My UX and messaging are much clearer and more engaging now. I’d recommend Krista to other business owners in a heartbeat!”

Jeanne Carlier

Founder, Spark & Bloom Studio

“I knew that Krista was the copywriter for me because, after our initial phone call on our video call, I really felt like she got my vibe. She understood who I was as a person and what the brand was as its own entity. She knew how to infuse my personality and to the brand and still keep it professional and engaging and fun. She just really got it, and I knew that the copy would be in great hands if I went with her!

I would emphatically tell anybody that was considering hiring Krista to do it. You will not regret it. Your project will be in great hands. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her so much so that we have worked on other projects since the initial one and I see this being a long-lasting professional relationship — anyone’s project would be and fantastic hands with Krista.”

Nina Lowman

Founder, Indica Dreams


Do you handle the design and build of my website, too?

Currently, no. My zone of genius is strategy & messaging! I can recommend some wonderful designers, however.

Do I hire a website designer or copywriter first?

Copywriter! Copy should guide the design, not the other way around. Also, part of my work is to help you decide what pages to include, how to structure your navigation menu, and how to do the layouts for each page — your designer will need all this before they can get started.

What if I already did my website design but now I’m realizing I need professional copywriting, too? Do I have to redo my design?

No, you don’t have to redo your design. I’ve worked with other people in your situation, and I can write copy that fits into your current design, with very minor layout changes if needed.

Do you have to interview my past clients?

If at all possible, yes! It’s an integral part of my process, because otherwise… I’m just expecting you to guess how your clients feel (you could be right… but you could also be off). If your industry is super sensitive or restricted (e.g. licensed mental health field), we could do an anonymous survey or interview colleagues and friends instead. 

It might helpful to know that I’ve never had any of my clients experience a negative response when asking for interviews (in fact, most people are delighted to help and talk about themselves!). I will also share email request templates to make it easier for you to make the ask.

What if I need more or less than 5 website pages of copy?

I don’t usually accept done-for-you projects with fewer than 5 pages because it doesn’t make sense to invest all the research work for a simple 1-page website. Most folks have at least 5 pages of copy they need (e.g. Home, About, 3 Services pages, an Experience or FAQ page, Contact page, etc.). 

However, if you need more than 5 (e.g. you have many different services), we can add additional pages to our scope of work. I will create a custom quote for you!

How soon can we get started?

Likely within 2 weeks! I’ve hired a junior copywriter to contribute to the research elements of my work, and this now allows me to work with 2 -3 clients at a time and reduce my lead time.

Do I need a brand voice guide to work with you?

Nope! If you have one, that’s awesome, and I will definitely use it. But if not, no sweat, I have my own built-in process for identifying or creating your brand voice for your website. 

Want all the details before we chat?

(Don’t worry — I’m the same way.)

Download my 2022 Services Guide for a transparent breakdown
of pricing options, process, and FAQs

* indicates required