Maybe you’re here because you’ve heard the whispers: E-commerce copywriters are the secret weapon of thriving e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Or maybe you’re here because you intuited that there might a solution to your writing woes (who knew that running a business involved so much writing??). 

However, you arrived on this page, reading this article is a great first step to deciding whether a copywriter is something your business needs needs. As in, it’s not a “nice to have,” but a downright awesome investment in your company’s long-term success.

Here are the 7 important signs that you need a copywriter for e-commerce:


1.     You’re spending money on Google or Facebook ads…but you’re not seeing the ROI you’d hoped for.

Paying for digital advertising without thinking deeply about your landing page for that ad means that you’ll probably be throwing away your money. Are you sending traffic directly to a product collection page? Your home page? A product page?

In my experience, it’s almost always better to have a dedicated landing page for an ad. With paid ads, you’re introducing your company and your products to new customers for the very first time, so you want to make that first impression count.

Which means… capture them with a story, make them feel safe with trust-builders, encourage a feeling of holy shit this is exactly what I’ve needed. Rarely can product pages alone do all that.


2.    You’ve heard that your e-commerce store should have a blog… but you’re not sure why or how.

Content marketing sounds great. But in practice, it takes a lot of time and strategic thinking to get right. It’s better to not waste your valuable time as the head of your business writing “content” for your blog that you’re not sure will even have an impact.

Instead, outsource your blog to a dedicated copywriter for e-commerce who can help come up with an ideal schedule, long-term strategy, and quality posts that position your brand as an industry expert your customers go to for answers. (The more they hit up your site for FREE valuable resources, the more they’ll end up happily buying from you as well—because they trust you and know you.)


3.    You know the value of great copy and content… but you and your small team have zero time to do it (at least, not at the quality you want to be known for). 

Some of my clients are confident in their copywriting skills. They might come from a marketing background or they just know their customers really well.

They know what great copy looks like, but they don’t have the time and mental energy to devote to writing it.

If that’s where you are right now, you should partner with a copywriter you trust to take this important part of your business off your hands—and deliver the quality work you expect.


4.    You wrote your website content and product descriptions when you first launched… but now you wish your stuff sounded more “alive,” more heartfelt, truer to your vision.

It makes sense to DIY your copy when you’re just starting out and bootstrapping everything. You want to make sure your products sell before hiring help. But now that your business has proven to be viable, you want to do more than just “chug along.” You want to stand out online, immediately.

A big part of that is investing in your brand’s voice. A copywriter for e-commerce can overhaul your digital presence, making sure than every place your customers read your marketing is vibrating with your unique energy.


5.    You’re sending out emails to your list dutifully… but no one is opening them (or clicking through).

Email marketing is huge for e-commerce. That’s why it’s so frustrating when writing emails feels like shouting into a void. While there are many reasons your open rate might be low (such as needing to scrub your list), a big one is that your email copywriting isn’t converting well.

A copywriter knows how to use words to inspire action (actions like: open an email, click a link, maybe even reply and share).


6.    You’ve finally decided on a digital marketing strategy—Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, ads, video, the WORKS… but your brand’s voice isn’t fully developed…. so everything either feels boring or all over the place.

Do you have one freelancer doing Instagram, another writing your blog posts, and another updating your website? Or do you have one overworked marketing team member trying to juggle everything?

These are pretty common scenarios for small online businesses, and all these moving parts make it hard to have a cohesive brand voice that customers recognize from a mile away.

Hiring a copywriter to create Brand Voice Guidelines is a way to streamline how your marketing sounds across platforms—something that all team members (including freelancers) can use to guide their marketing activities. A consistent brand voice = more trust that your brand is what you say it is.


7.    Your website is up and running… but visitors aren’t sticking around.

A high bounce rate or low page views might mean that your website visitors aren’t connecting with what your website is saying. Maybe they’re confused, maybe they don’t trust your company, or maybe they’re just not charmed.

A copywriter is an expert at messaging, so they can come on board to help sniff out the problem or give your website copy a total refresh.


Bonus sign #8 that you need a copywriter for e-commerce…

You know the power of story, of voice, of words.

You know that what you say and how you say it matters. Words are how you get customers as excited as you are about doing things differently…about using things better. What you don’t know is how to harness that power in a meaningful way: For more sales, for more brand advocates, for more excited, repeat customers.

If that’s you, hire a copywriter.