Client Story

Tactic Staging

Magda had a couple different careers under her belt when she decided to flex her creative and entrepreneurial muscles and start her own home staging company. 

She had a great eye for design and loved the idea of running her own company and decorating spaces for a living. But there was a problem. She would be serving the Washington D.C. market, which already had several Big Name home staging companies. 

So, she needed website copy that would instantly set her startup apart from her established competitors. When I dug into her business with her, I discovered that her approach to home staging was very different from the big companies. She wasn’t offering one-size-fits-all decorating packages that would have to be “massaged” to fit someone’s personal home. Nor was she coming in with a huge team and complex process. 

When it comes to selling your home, people feel pretty vulnerable throughout–after all, it’s a stressful time and, often, they’re letting go of priceless memories. The last thing thing they want is to be bullied out of their home by a faceless team lugging what looks like a page from the Ikea catalog into their home.

That’s why I created a tagline and web copy for Tactic Staging that highlighted the experience first and the sales promise second. 



To make a new startup seem both as credible as the Big Companies it was competing against and also wildly different and more appealing. 


A message that wasn’t just about selling your home faster and for more money, but also touched on the experience. Tactic’s new tagline and website copy immediately reassured potential clients that it’s still their home for now and that will be respected. Compared to the language on competitors’ sites that’s all about the sale, Tactic’s message will appeal to those home sellers who are feeling overwhelmed by the moving process.


Here’s what Magda had to say:

“Since Krista wrote the content for my website, I’ve received countless compliments on the quality of her work! She was very responsive, professional and creative! Impeccable work, I highly recommend Krista!”

Magda Grandin, founder of Tactic Staging and Interiors