Business values & commitments

– updated 2021

Anti-racism, diversity & inclusion 

I aim to create a community that prioritizes diversity and inclusion and stands against racism and discrimination of all kinds. As the owner of this company and the primary driver of decisions, I commit to re-educating myself around these issues so that I make decisions from a place of self-awareness and clarity, rather than a harmful, unexamined, and defensive “default” mode. This re-education process includes reading 1 book every quarter devoted to an issue related to anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion; learning from the Outer Work community; and diversifying the voices of my for-fun podcasts, reading material, and entertainment.

In my business, I commit to investing a minimum of 30% of my spending into Black and minority-owned businesses, as well as seeking out communities, collaborators, mentors, and peers of people from different backgrounds than my own.

I commit to allowing discomfort and being open to feedback as I continue to examine my privilege, beliefs, and actions.


Empathy-based marketing

This one goes for my company’s marketing and sales process AND for the marketing copy I write and advise on for my clients.

My clients and I market our work & offers from a place of high service. That is, we carefully market our offers to people we are confident would benefit tremendously from what we do, rather than marketing to anyone simply to make a sale.

We never use manipulative or pushy tactics to convince someone to buy from us. Instead, we lead with empathy to help our potential clients and customers feel empowered to make a fully informed and enthusiastic decision to work with us (or possibly, to not work with us).

How you make someone feel during interactions – whether that’s in person or through reading your copy – has a lasting effect. This is why it is crucial that my clients and I never make someone feel pushed into a decision they are not ready to make.

I commit to holding space, being patient, providing transparent information, and, above all, prioritizing empathy during the entire marketing and sales funnel.


Service-minded growth

Every decision toward growing this company will be rooted in a clear, empirical need. In other words – I want to build this company with a service focus, creating new offers that not only facilitate the growth of my own company but also serve a strong need in my community.

I believe that businesses grow strongest when they are built for the people they serve, not for the desires of the owner. I commit to grow in response to service, rather than pursuing growth for growth’s sake.


Conscious capitalism

To me, conscious capitalism means building a company with a 360-degree view – understanding how your company’s actions impact the world at large, rather than tunneling your gaze on profit alone.

As a consumer, I do my best to shop from and work with companies who have demonstrated this sort of 360-degree consideration. As a business owner, I want to ensure that my business has an impact beyond personal profit.

Which is why, to help purpose-driven companies grow faster, I offer a 10% discount ($150-700+ in savings) for non-profit companies and for-profit companies that have sustainable or equitable practices embedded into their business model or that donate a portion of proceeds to a cause they care about (provided that cause does not conflict with my values). 


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