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A shortlist of experts to make your website & marketing the best it can be. 
Scroll in this order: Brand & website designers + developers, SEO experts, social media & ads experts.

Ilana Davis, Shopify Superhero & Website Rescuer

Ilana (she/her) is a Shopify Superhero working with e-commerce shops to remove friction from the buying process.

Her specialty is optimizing Shopify stores without the cost of a full redesign.

Sydney Smith, Website Designer (Showit, Shopify, Squarespace)

Sydney (she/her) runs Olivewing Designs, where she focuses on impact-driven web design that brings your vision to life in a way that will draw in your ideal clientele.

She works with clients who are making a positive impact in the world.

Melissa Perkins, Brand Strategist & Designer (Showit, Shopify)

Melissa (she/her) runs Sweet Daddy Designs, where she helps industry disruptors create irresistible brands by developing an emotional connection with their audiences, then building a brand around it.

She says: “My process is 80% strategy and 20% design. We focus on strategy first so design is easier, faster, and is aligned with their positioning.”

Josh Smith, Website Developer (Custom, Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace)

Josh (he/him) runs Aquila Dev, where he builds revenue-generating, web-based platforms by incorporating cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach.

His specialty is building custom web-based apps, e-commerce platforms, and marketing sites that are fast, easy to use, and generate more revenue.

Tina Paredes, Website Designer + Developer (WordPress)

Tina (she/her) runs Tinisima Creative, where she supports small businesses with worry-free web design and development from their idea to launch. 

She serves organizations that value enriching and improving their communities. (By the way – she designed my site.)

Jeanne Carlier, Brand Designer & Illustrator

Jeanne (she/her) runs Spark & Bloom, a mindful brand design and illustration studio. She helps ethical businesses and entrepreneurs make their positive impact seen.

She says: “I have an ethical, mindful and environmentally oriented approach to design. I advise my clients on how to make sure their brand and their design are accessible and eco-responsible.”

Erin Alexander, Website Designer (Shopify)

Erin (she/her) runs Product Powerhouse, a web design agency that helps product-based businesses build, grow, and scale their online stores, using Shopify.

She says: “We’ve worked with jewelry designers, clothing designers, artists, soap makers, candle makers, digital product creators and so many more.”

Asha James, SEO Strategist and Social Media Manager (WordPress, Showit, Squarespace, Instagram)

Asha (she/her) runs That SEO Girl, where she helps small business owners gain targeted organic traffic to their web & social platforms. It’s about being seen by the right people at the right time.

She works with service providers to increase & maintain their ranking on the Google search engine so that they are front of mind for their ideal clients.

Daniela Furtado, SEO Consultant

Daniela (she/her) runs Findable Digital Marketing, where she makes businesses easy to find on Google. Wtih SEO, she gets them higher quality traffic and, in turn, sales.

She specializes in SEO for cannabis and design companies. She says: “We serve medium-sized businesses in cannabis and design that have a ‘searchable’ product or service and a beautiful but a currently traffic-less website.”

Julia Bocchese, SEO & Pinterest Consultant (WordPress, Showit, Squarespace, Shopify, and Pinterest)

Julia (she/her) helps creative businesses rank higher on Google and Pinterest to reach their ideal clients so they can get their time back and focus on their passions.

Her focus is on creative small businesses, typically solopreneurs or very small teams. She says: “I’ve worked with a variety of businesses, like music coaches, wedding photographers, interior designers, copywriters, and artists.”

Jada Sinclair, Instagram Branding & Marketing Consultant (Instagram , Facebook, Kajabi, WordPress)

Jada (she/her) runs Glow Vibes Social, where she helps entrepreneurs manifest more abundance and brand their Instagram into a 24/7 sales funnel that increases their income and impact. 

She specializes in combining branding, marketing, and aligned sales strategies. She works best with female service providers, coaches, consultants, e-commerce, and course creators. 

Natacha Kenol, Digital Marketing & Ads Strategist (Facebook/Instagram ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads)

Natacha (she/her) runs Kenol Marketing, where she helps service businesses grow their sales using digital marketing & ads. 

Her past clients have included online service businesses (such as coaches & course creators, online trainers), government organizations and non-profits, local businesses (such as daycares, spas, etc.), and startups.

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