Writing copy for your website

(or email list, lead magnet, blog…)

doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

It also doesn’t have to be a oh-well-here-goes shot in the dark or a paint-by-numbers salesy framework.

If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because you struggle to distill the expansiveness of what you offer into words that other people instinctively, instantly “get.”

Something that makes your dream clients or customers pause, and think:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. 

You know, in theory, what you want to say. So why is it a struggle to put it into clear, powerful words?

Maybe you avoid writing copy. Your website is still not launched. You haven’t created that lead magnet. Your email list is dormant.

Or maybe you’ve tried to “do copywriting right” by reading blog posts, taking mini-courses, following one of those “plug and play” template things, or painstakingly trying to recreate someone else’s copy.

But now you’re still not sure what you’ve written is any good (or cringe because it doesn’t sound like you at all).

So you low-key dread writing new stuff for your business… because it continues to feel daunting and vulnerable every time.

Outsourcing your copywriting
isn’t the right choice for you, either.

Either because you don’t want to — you’ve poured your soul into your business and handing the writing off to someone else just feels… wrong.

Or because you’ve done the math, and it’s currently out of your budget to hire a copywriter to write everything for you.

But even still, doing it yourself feels like a burden. How on earth do you write “copy that sells” or string together “words that convert”?

Are you supposed to become an expert copywriter just to run your business?

What if writing about and
marketing your business could feel…. natural?

Like simply an honest expression
of your vision and value.

Here’s what I think.

Writing for our businesses is so damn hard because of all the ego-stuff wrapped up in it:

  • The desire to market our services but not sound braggy or salesy
  • The fear that there’s nothing really special about our offers to talk about
  • The paralysis of staring down what feels like a huge, impossible task
  • The story we’ve told ourselves about not being good at writing or sales
  • The vulnerability inherent in having to proclaim to strangers on the internet – “What I offer is valuable and here’s why you should pay me for it!”

So what doesn’t really help?
Another hands-off blog post, course, or template that leaves you alone with yourself to figure it out.

What if, instead, you had a supportive container to…


Be guided through how to write everything you need to market your business online

Get accountability & support to actually write the damn thing

Lean on an expert copywriter’s specific, compassionate feedback on your work

If this resonates with you, I’d like you to join me in….

The Vision & Value Copywriting Collective

This 3-month group coaching program helps boostrapping entrepreneurs create every asset they need to attract & convert their dream clients or customers through their website – without the copywriting overwhelm.

Each month, you’ll be guided through the creation of must-have assets that pave the way to attracting more clients online, with far less “efforting”:

Your website & SEO


Lead magnet

Email sequences

You’ll master the art of copywriting for your business and your target market…
while creating the real-life assets you need to turn your website into the 24/7 salesperson it’s meant to be.
And not a second wasted on a course you’ll never put into action.

“Krista was able to hear what I was actually trying to say.
She was able to help me stop undercutting my worth and instead help me sound confident that I do have a definitive and identified client service and process.
It was really a completely new way of thinking about how I’m presenting myself to my clients.
You need to have Krista on your team and on your side helping you understand that this is how you’re presenting your business to the world – it is a huge step for your business.
It feels daunting. It feels like YOU are the expert of your craft, but Krista helps OTHER people see that.
Krista is a really, really excellent listener and helps you clarify and refine that message that you want to share with the world.

Megan Fischer
phenomenal educational therapist & founder of EduMindedNYC

The Vision & Value Copywriting Collective
holds your hand every step of the way, with….

  • Step-by-step video trainings for every asset you’ll create (like your website copy)
  • Actionable reviews & compassionate feedback of your completed copywriting by me, Krista
  • Q & A calls to support you as you create each asset
  • Weekly “Work Time” Zoom calls to encourage you to actually write the damn thing
  • Online community with other members to swap ideas & feedback, hosted on Circle (not Facebook!)
  • Access to me to ask urgent questions or get a quick gut-check before you hit publish


  • Training into how to do easy, effective research into your target market (including the exact questions I ask during interviews)
  • Optional frameworks to follow for each type of copywriting (to bust through any writer’s block that comes up – but these aren’t templates you *have* to follow)
  • Training on how to do simplified SEO thats works without the technical overwhelm (you CAN rank on Google without deep technical knowledge)
  • Coaching on how to structure, price, and talk about your offers in a way that converts (and the confidence to articulate the immense value of your offers)
  • Personalized advice on which website templates/platforms & email software to use for your business (if you don’t already have these)
  • Access to my expert-level paid tools to increase your SEO and conversion rates (something your competitors will likely not have access to)

Join with 3-6 month flexible payment options

$1299 total

1) Choose your deposit today 

2) Choose a 3- or 6-month payment plan

I use Partial.ly to facilitate flexible payments; you'll create an easy, free account to keep your info secure.

“Krista’s ability to bring clarity and impact to your copy is GENIUS!

Most importantly, she knows how to discover the ‘genius’ behind your brand… and reveal your unique voice to the world!

Highly Recommended!!”

–Gary Schultz, spiritual practitioner and founder of Inward Voyage

Hey, I’m Krista, and I’d love to be your copywriting coach.

Watch this video for an introduction & to hear why I branched out from done-for-you services into coaching

SEO Recipe for Success Certification Badge

Featured speaking & writing

Join with 3-6 month flexible payment options

$1299 total

1) Choose your deposit today 

2) Choose a 3- or 6-month payment plan

I use Partial.ly to facilitate flexible payments; you'll create an easy, free account to keep your info secure.

Or take it directly from my past clients!

“I would emphatically tell anybody who was considering working with Krista to do it. You will not regret it.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with her so much so that we have worked on other projects since the initial one, and I see this being a long-lasting professional relationship. Anyone’s project would be in fantastic hands.”

-Nina Lowman, CBD trailblazer and founder of Indica Dreams

“Major thanks and kudos.

I’ve gotten half a dozen inquires in the past month (unreal considering the circumstances) and consistently get compliments on the website.

Not only that, NO ONE BATS AN EYE AT MY PRICING. I’ve never been in this situation before. People see my value and want to hire me, no questions asked.

Seriously, so much of that is because of the amazing work you’ve done in helping to write my website and help with the formatting.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-Mike Glatzer, photographer extraordinaire at Mike Glatzer Photos

Krista has the rare ability to synthesize a bunch of random thoughts I have into coherent, powerful copy.

I was nervous about bringing on a copywriter because it’s such a big part of my brand. But I didn’t need to be.

Krista nailed it and made my website easier to understand and navigate. I feel way more confident about launching my program!”

-Jess Joswick, founder of Backbone Business

“I was developing a website for personal branding purposes and felt like I was struggling to convey my message. So, I needed a copywriter to help narrow my focus and captivate customers.

I was worried that a copywriter wouldn’t be able to understand what I was trying to share with my target audience. But this was never an issue. Krista asked so many questions to make sure she understood. For that, I am grateful. I’ve already referred Krista to a friend. The most compelling selling point was the fact that she asks so many questions to make sure she gets it right. I love that.”

-Lauren Legette, career coach


I was really lost when it came to organizing my website…. Krista was able to parse out what was working, what wasn’t and solutions on how to fix it.

I agreed with every single suggestion she made and felt so relieved after getting her input. Thanks to her detailed and easy-to-follow feedback I was able to make changes to my website and it’s improved by 100%.

I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. I spent months agonizing over the site and Krista figured it out in a a few hours.”

-Kelly Butler, advertising copywriter


Month 1:

Foundational Messaging

If you’ve ever wondered why writing copy feels awkward, heavy, and slow… it’s because you didn’t do this first.

Learn how to uncover what your unique selling proposition is and identify the messages that will most resonate with your target market – no matter what copy you’re writing.

Month 2:

Website & SEO

Every marketing effort you do will inevitably end on your website – it’s your final pitch.

You’ll create website messaging for every page that takes visitors on a journey from first impression to excited lead in your inbox, sales call on your calendar, or paying customer. PLUS – you’ll learn how to get your site ranking in Google.

Month 3:

Lead Magnet & Email sequences

Some people won’t be ready to buy from you the minute they discover you – but they very likely might be eventual clients. That is, if you can stay in touch.

You’ll create an irresistible, quick-win lead magnet + email welcome sequence that builds your email list.

You’ll never be in this alone…


Copy reviews of your work (kind, not critical)

Group Q & A calls to nip any problems in the bud

Access to me for quick gut-checks or questions

Are you in?

Join with 3-6 month flexible payment options

$1299 total

1) Choose your deposit today 

2) Choose a 3- or 6-month payment plan

I use Partial.ly to facilitate flexible payments; you'll create an easy, free account to keep your info secure.

Is the Vision & Value Copywriting Collective right for you?

  • You run a small business (you’re a service-provider, consultant, coach, freelancer, course-creator, side-hustler, shop owner, maker)
  • You care deeply about your business, so much so that it feels vital that you do the writing yourself
  • For whatever reason, outsourcing your copy is not an option… but you’re procrastinating writing it yourself
  • Copywriting projects for your business often overwhelm you (maybe because you feel like it has to be perfect)
  • The idea of “words that sell” feels somewhat icky to you because you want to lead with service and value — but still, of course, make sales
  • You would LOVE to start attracting and getting excited YESes from more clients and customers … without so much effort
  • You struggle to write in a way that feels like yourself (instead of corporate, dry, or like you’ve ripped off someone else’s voice)
  • You’re at a place in your business where you have a clear idea of what you’re building and why — but you aren’t sure how to get others excited about it
  • You’re tired of not being able to clearly articulate what you offer and why it’s valuable
  • You are great at talking (maybe, rambling?) about your businesss but you struggle with the writing part

If any of these ring true for you, then you’re in the right place.

Common questions
& answers

Why does it cost $1299?

The investment reflects the highly specific coaching you receive and the access you have to me to ask questions and receive personalized feedback.

It’s also meant to be much more affordable than my done-for-you rates. For website copy, SEO, lead magnets, and email sequences, my regular rates would be about $8500.

My goal is to help you get similar results even if you aren’t yet in a place to invest in done-for-you copywriting and SEO.

How does payment work?

I use Partial.ly to collect payments so that you can choose the payment structure that works for you. 

The total you’ll pay is $1299, but you choose how. You can make a deposit between $217 and $433 today, and then opt to pay the remaining balance across the next 2-5 months. 

In other words, you get to decide whether you want a 3-month or 6-month payment plan (or something in between). 

You’ll be asked to create a Partial.ly account to keep your info secure, and then monthly payments will be charged automatically.

Why is it 3 months long? Can I join for less than 3 months?
It’s a common misconception that copywriting is just stringing words together on a page – but really, it’s about excavating the right messages and implementing a strategy to get strangers excited about working with you!

This 3-month timeframe is specifically designed around my proven process for doing SEO, website copywriting, lead magnets and email sequences. And it wouldn’t be beneficial for you to only get part of the way.

Is there a deadline to join?

Nope, there’s no deadline to join. This program is rolling, so you can join at any time. 


I’m not a fan of high-pressure timelines. I want people to do this program when it makes sense for THEIR business, not according to my timeline.

Also, because it’s rolling, the group element is less intense. Some people will be graduating as you’re entering and vice versa.

How much do I have to participate in the group?
As much as you find beneficial for your progress! You are welcome to use our Circle group as much as you’d like, but you could also just communicate with me if you have no desire to get to know other members.

You will see the other members in our group Q & A and Work Time calls, but you don’t have to attend if you prefer not to.

What if I’ve already created one of these assets, like a lead magnet for example?
That’s okay. You will likely find it helpful to absorb the information, implement changes, and get feedback on your final version.
When does the program start?
We kick off May 1, 2021! From there, it’s a rolling program, with people entering and “graduating” throughout the year.
What if I fall behind? Do I have to do this in this order?
Our accountability calls are designed to help you keep moving forward at a manageable pace. But…. Don’t sweat it if you fall behind. You’ll have access to the materials for life to refer back to later on your own.

And if you don’t finish it all in the 3 months, you’ll have the option to stick around and keep attending calls and getting feedback for a reduced monthly investment (plus access to brand new trainings on different assets, like proposals and pricing guides!).

I run a product-based business. Can I do this?

You can join the Vision & Value Copywriting Collective at any time. But this is the lowest investment it’ll ever be.

Hiring a copywriter to create your website messaging alone (not including other stuff like emails and lead magnets) runs $3500-$8000

Join with 3-6 month flexible payment options

$1299 total

1) Choose your deposit today 

2) Choose a 3- or 6-month payment plan

I use Partial.ly to facilitate flexible payments; you'll create an easy, free account to keep your info secure.

This program is about more than “copy that sells” or “words that convert.”

It’s about confidently articulating your honest vision & value in a way that elicits that single, powerful reaction from the right people:

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

Are you ready?

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