Editing magic to clarify
your website messaging — fast.

 Get your website words edited for clarity & power,
so you feel 100% confident publishing!

This option is
made for you if…

→ Your website designer just asked for your copy… so you need help fast

→ Your total website budget (design + copy) is $3k-5k, so custom everything isn’t an option

→ You don’t feel great about your current website messaging… but you don’t want to start from scratch, either

→ You’ve done a pretty good job at writing your copy yourself, but you could use some sculpting to make sure it converts

Keep reading — this done-with-you-service is for you! 


This option may not be right for you if…

→ You’re at the point in your business where you want a done-for-you website experience

→ Your total website budget (design + copy) is $7k-10k+, so you can afford custom messaging & you want the best!

→ Beyond the words, you’re not sure if your message itself is resonating with your target clients, so you need more than editing 

→ You are interested in client interviews, testimonial gathering, and post-project website validation

Click here for my done-for-you option instead!



Powerful Messaging Makeover

How it Works

1. Website Goals Questionnaire

  • You answer some key questions about your goals & audience
  • You share a link to your copy (either in your website or in a Google doc)

2. Editing Magic - In Just 1 Week!

  • I edit 3 core pages of your website for clarity & power
  • I make suggestions for strategy improvements
  • You get a video walk-through of your edits

3. (Optional) Review Call & Revisions

  • You note any changes and your overall impressions
  • We do a Review Call to discuss if you’d like to
  • I revise and send you the new draft

4. Implementation & Final Review

  • You implement your new copy into your website
  • I provide final feedback via email!
  • You feel confident directing leads to your website 


> 3 core website pages edited for clarity and power (most people choose Home, Services, and About)

> User experience recommendations (easy for you to implement)

> A video walk-through of my edits (so you know why I made each edit)

> An optional Review Call (so you don’t have to write extensive revision notes)

> 1 round of revisions (if necessary)

> Final feedback via email once you’ve copy/pasted your new messaging into your website


1 week!

Start times depend on my current workload — book ASAP!



Including everything listed above


SEO keyword research: $150/page

Additional page editing: $300/page

Want to chat first?

Some folks prefer to get right to it and book, but if that’s not your style, I’m happy to chat first. 

Click here to book a no-obligation intro-call

or email me at krista@kristawalshcopywriter.com

See the difference: Before & Afters


Click the first image see the “before” versions of Marina’s website — the messages kind-of buried in buzzwords and her target audience unclear.


Click the second image to enter Marina’s current “after” website — refined, streamlined, and focused on her target audience after our PMM!


Click the first image to see the “before” versions of the VGF website — the most valuable messages weren’t front & center, so it wasn’t clear why someone should choose VFG.


Click the second image to enter VGF’s current “after” website — now clearly outlining the client-focused benefits of their service after our PMM!


Click the first image see the “before” versions of Jess’s website — lacking strategy, persuasiveness, and Jess’s vision.


Click the second image to enter Jess’s current “after” website — powerfully guiding her target audience to take action after our PMM!

What other PMM clients said

Three weeks after the edits and SEO update, I already see an increased number of visitors and more people taking action and scheduling calls with me.

I love how she organizes her work, onboarded me and tried to understand my goals. Her delivery is understandable, easy to implement, and super thoughtful.

All that said, I highly recommend Krista’s services!”

Marina Nabão

embodiment coach

"Just wanted to once again, express my gratitude. I’m daily reminded of the 'magic' you achieved in the edit my website!
Beginning with the landing page and throughout, you really made my message more powerful, comprehensive and inviting. Subsequently, the response has been extremely favorable and really attracts my ideal clients and target audience."
Gary Schultz

Inward Voyage

"Working with Krista was such a treat! Yes, she's talented and creative. But Krista also has the rare ability to synthesize a bunch of random thoughts I have into coherent, powerful copy.

I was nervous about bringing on a copywriter because it's such a big part of my brand. I didn't need to be. Krista nailed it and made my website easier to understand and navigate. I feel way more confident about launching my program!"

Jess Joswick

Backbone Business


Can I hire you edit something other than my website?

Yep! People have used their PMM to have me edit their course sales page, summit registration & upsell pages, and more. Email me for a custom quote at krista@kristawalshcopywriter.com

How long does it take to get my edits back?

From the time you answer my Website Goals Questionnaire, it’s a week turnaround to get your edits back. You then have the option to implement right away, or we can book a Review Call to make adjustments before you implement. 

How soon can we start?

Lead time is typically no more than 2 weeks and sometimes we can get started ASAP! Lead time can get longer during the website busy season (Q3-Q4). Book ASAP if time is your main concern!

How do I know if this is the right investment for me vs. done-for-you copy?

It comes down to budget & your timeline. Everyone gets the most benefit from my signature done-for-you package, but not everyone can comfortably afford custom copywriting, and not everyone has the time for a  ~6-week process — that’s where the PMM comes in! It’s a great mid-tier option for someone who has a total website budget (design + copy) of $3k-5k and is on a short timeline.

Will you provide help with my website strategy & SEO too?

Yep! I’ll offer easy-to-implement suggestions for improving your website user experience. SEO can be added on for $150/page. 

What pages should I have edited?

Most people choose Home, Services, and About. If you have more core pages than this (e.g. multiple different Services pages), I recommend adding on additional pages ($300/page). 

How does the SEO part work?

You choose to add on SEO keyword research per page ($150/page). I recommend choosing your Home & Services page(s). I will identify a target keyword + keyword synonym for each page and then incorporate that keyword into your copy + meta titles and meta descriptions. Note that SEO is not an instant win — this is a good foundation that will improve your ranking over time.

How much do you actually change?

It’s called “Powerful Messaging Makeover” for a reason. This is NOT just editing for grammar or voice or to trim off a few words here and there. It’s more like a re-sculpting of what you have + what you share in the questionnaire into content & flow that drives action. The PMM is ideal for folks who have the “bones” of their message but worry that it’s not coming across clearly and confidently. I’ll make sure it does!

I recommend checking out the before & afters above for an idea of the powerful changes that are possible. 

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