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At a glance: the  impact

  • 20% increase in call bookings the month after launching new website copy (marketing agency)

  • 3 Google search inquiries who all booked premium services the month after launching new website copy (pet photographer)

  • 30% increase in leads through the website and Google search the month after launching new copy (portrait photographer) 

  • 5 months with a fully booked sales call calendar after launching new website copy (resume agency) 

  • Direct feedback from audience that the website was resonating deeply (course creator)

  • 20% increase in call bookings through the website the month after launching new website copy (coach)
Great Resumes Fast, a top solution for executives seeking a resume to reach their ambitious career goals, struggled with a website that was incohesive and watered down after years of sporadic adjustments.

As a result, the website received far too many inquiries from budget shoppers and turned off their more discerning target clients, executives.  

It was time for an overhaul: starting with clarifying and elevating the messaging to reflect the expert services they delivered and simplifying the user journey through the site to encourage more inquiries. 

resume writing agency

Great resumes fast

Shortly after launching with the new messaging, sitemap, and page layouts — brought to life in a clean design — the company reported consistently being booked out with sales calls with ideal clients (even after disclosing pricing on their services page that was significantly higher than other companies). 

Diving deeper: the stories

Resonate Pysch, a trauma therapy practice headed by Dr. Bethany Mink, came to me with a website that had been created just to "check a box," — doing little to establish what makes Dr. Mink's approach so effective. 

As a result, Dr. Mink felt uneasy about her online presence, worried it wasn't speaking to her sophisticated client base, those who had tried traditional talk therapy before and were now seeking a whole-body approach to treat deep-rooted traumas.   

My interview-driven approach was able to bridge the gap between Dr. Mink's academic credentials/deep expertise and the complex everyday struggles of her clients. 

therapy practice

resonate pysch

The new Resonate Psych website leans on the language her ideal clients use to describe their needs and desires related to therapy, distinct from those of therapy "newbies" who aren't as suited to Dr. Mink's approach.  I also created a streamlined user journey that ends in a direct "Book Consultation" action.

LucidCircus, an established and innovated digital development company, was developing a new website with their in-house design team. The problem? They realized they weren't experts in clearly and powerfully conveying what they did — in writing, that is. 

So they brought me on to interview their best clients to 1) uncover what led clients to choose them 2) collect stand-out testimonials that backed up their claims, and 3) put it all together in concise messaging that aligned with their design vision. 

I also worked with them to improve the UX across the new design, ensuring that while the design was cool, it also remained easy to navigate (and convert). 

digital development agency

lucid circus

As a result, LucidCircus was able to launch their new website with messaging and UX that matched the quality of their design and development services, giving potential clients the best possible first impression. 

Deb, the founder of Cedar & Bark Photography, a successful pet photography studio, loved her website design visuals.... but was frustrated by the number of poor-quality website inquiries she was getting (especially clients who just wanted to pay for the digital files). 

She knew her messaging was standing in the way of attracting high-quality potential clients — those who understood the value of purchasing artwork.

So I interviewed her best past clients to understand what motivated them and created strong, search-engine-optimized messaging for the site that reflected that. Along the way, I suggested key UX and strategy updates and sprinkled in the raving testimonials I captured from the interviews. 


cedar & bark

Even without updating the visuals of the site, the new copy and UX immediately shot up the rates of quality inquiries. The studio not only reported spending way less time dealing with poor-fit leads, but also started seeing the power of targeted SEO, with high-quality leads finding the site and inquiring more than ever before. 

Talent Ascension Group, a white-glove recruiting firm, needed to elevate and refine their website messaging to 1) speak to the high-caliber companies they wanted to target and 2) clarify their unique positioning in the crowded recruiting industry.

They brought me in to create messaging that felt equal parts welcoming and high-end. As a result, they're now able to confidently use their website for every marketing touchpoint — a home based that accurately and effectively conveys what they can do. 

recruiting firm

talent ascension

Sketch Design Repeat, a niche course company teaching artists how to become profitable surface designers, had grown from a side hustle for the founder into a wildly successful company in its own right. 

Now, it was time to make it official with a new website. The founder, Shannon, knew that the first step would be messaging that spoke to the dreams and struggles of her artist audience — without resorting to manipulative tactics. 

My interview-driven process ensured that the messaging for their website and course sales pages would reflect exactly what her audience was thinking and feeling (vs. trumped up, sales-heavy language). 

course creator

sketch design repeat

In addition to the copy, I created conversion-friendly layouts and a strategic sitemap that would serve both the company's goals, to enroll students and support them with resources. 

After the designers brought it to life, I conducted user-testing with real people to make final tweaks to messaging, layouts, and design — to ensure the final website converts. 

-carly cheton, founder, the $100k creative

"For anyone seeking a copywriter to tell their story in a way that captivates attention and builds genuine empathy for target audiences, I would 10/10 recommend Krista."

"In working with her, you will find a partner who is genuinely committed to your success.

She is a heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to do everything she can to serve your exact needs as a client — and I've never felt more supported!!"

-Mike Glatzer, founder, Mike Glatzer Photography 

"Major thanks and kudos. I’ve gotten half a dozen inquiries in the past month (unreal considering the circumstances) and consistently get compliments on the website."

"Not only that, NO ONE BATS AN EYE AT MY PRICING. I’ve never been in this situation before. People see my value and want to hire me, no questions asked.

Seriously, so much of that is because of the amazing work you’ve done in helping to write my website and help with the formatting."

 - Patrushkha Mierwza & Mark Ulano, cofounders, Mark Ulano Sound Services

"We've already been contacted by a new client through our website, and we have a job in Mexico, a new market for us!"

"And more than anything, working with Krista energized us to get more  serious about our growing business. We completed our work with her while on a difficult work project; and are really happy with the results."

-Jessica Hernandez, founder, Great Resumes Fast

"The new copy has been on our website for 5 months and our calendar has been fully booked every week since the new site went live." 

"I deeply valued the work Krista created for my website. I’ve been so close to the business and website for so long that it was hard to stand back with an objective view and think about what my target audience needed to hear, and then put that together in a way that not only was SEO-optimized but answered the questions my visitors were asking.

I cannot recommend Krista’s work highly enough. She cares, she knows what she’s doing, and she produces excellent work. You will not be disappointed."

-Megan Fischer, founder, EduMinded NYC

"You need to have Krista on your team and on your side helping you understand that this is how you're presenting your business to the world — it is a huge step for your business."

"It feels daunting. It feels like YOU are the expert of your craft, but Krista helps OTHER people see that.

Krista is a really, really excellent listener and helps you clarify and refine that message that you want to share with the world."

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