What website strategy + interview-informed messaging + SEO can do for your most valuable sales tool

My past clients include client-based businesses like agencies, photographers, designers, consultants, course creators, therapists & coaches, professional service providers, and more.


For each client showcased here, I created the…

✔️ Website strategy (meaning: page wireframes, which pages to include in their site, how to structure their navigation menu, the website user journey throughout the site, and recommended visuals)

✔️ Website messaging (meaning: all the words you see on the page, including CTAs and micro copy)

✔️ Foundational SEO (meaning: keyword research for each core website page, UX & hierarchy optimized for Google, and making sure the content is written with the searcher in mind)

✔️ Plus, the fabulous testimonials you see on these websites came from the client interviews I did during our projects!

Great Resumes Fast - resume agency

“The new copy has been on our website for 5 months and our calendar has been fully booked every week since the new site went live.

I deeply valued the work Krista created for my website. I’ve been so close to the business and website for so long that it was hard to stand back with an objective view and think about what my target audience needed to hear, and then put that together in a way that not only was SEO-optimized but answered the questions my visitors were asking.

I cannot recommend Krista’s work highly enough. She cares, she knows what she’s doing, and she produces excellent work. You will not be disappointed.”


Empowered to Act - mindset coach

I absolutely loved working with Krista! I was so lucky to have found her and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

She was able to translate my ideas into beautiful copy that not only landed with prospects but converted them into customers. She took the time to really understand my story and journey, my vision, and my company. My offerings are not as straightforward as most companies and I appreciate Krista really taking the time to clarify outcomes.”

Sketch Design Repeat - courses & memberships

Shannon McNab is a successful surface designer (an artist who creates the designs for apparel, home decor, and other consumer products) who pivoted to teaching her hard-won business savvy to other aspiring and struggling surface designers.

This is a newly launched site — feedback forthcoming once we see how the site performs 🙂

Carly Cheton - business coach

“Working with Krista was a great experience! As someone who’s in more of a formative stage of business, it was really important that I worked a copywriter who could work through a good deal of ambiguity to provide a clear direction on my website’s story.

Krista was incredible at taking a relatively minimal level of detail and crafting a robust, compelling narrative that I can’t wait to showcase on my site once it’s live.

In working with her, you will find a partner who is genuinely committed to your success. She is a heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to do everything she can to serve your exact needs as a client–and I’ve never felt more supported!

For anyone seeking a copywriter to tell their story in a way that captivates attention and builds genuine empathy for target audiences, I would 10/10 recommend Krista.


Social Fresh - consulting agency + industry conference

“Krista is so thorough, thoughtful, and easy to work with! We’ve never handed this much copy off to someone before and we 100% picked the perfect partner for our website refresh.

Working with Krista was a mental health move of investing in the support you need. Finding the right partner is so important. We’re excited to get the new site launched soon and we’re very confident we’ll see results.

The entire process was very smooth, we felt very well taken care of! If you have the opportunity to work with Krista, jump at it!

Cedar & Bark Photography - photographer

Since my website copy makeover 3 weeks ago, I’ve had 3 Google inquiries and all 3 booked my services. They were my ideal clients and a pleasure to work with. I believe my website now reflects my brand and my values clearly to potential clients so by the time they book a discovery call, they are ready to work together.

Krista does more than just write your website copy. She digs deep to make sure it’s aligned with your brand and core values. Her interview process was thorough and it resulted with copy that sounds like me, is clear and communicates what I want potential clients to know. She was great at designing a flow that moves clients through my site. I feel like my website now is a marketing tool with a strategic component to speak to and convert my ideal clients.

The testimonials Krista gathered were a real confidence booster. It’s always nice to get feedback, but having someone else actually interview your past clients is above and beyond. And the fact that my clients were so eager to help in this process was truly touching. It made me see clearly the impact my work has for my clients.”

Spark & Bloom Studio - brand designer & strategist

“I felt very supported while working with Krista, and it was like unwrapping a gift when I received the new copy for my website.

Her questionnaire and her questions during our kick-off call were on point and allowed us to go deep into my business. The client interviews are a fantastic tool to gain insights and get an outside point of view. And I really felt like Krista was holding my hand during the review process to ensure that I could update my website properly.

My UX and messaging are much clearer and more engaging now. I’d recommend Krista to other business owners in a heartbeat!”

Electric Eye - Shopify agency

Electric Eye is a Shopify strategy, design, and development agency for ecommerce brands; with a proven framework for scaling profitable indie brands.

Newly launched site – feedback forthcoming!

Resonate Psychology - therapy practice

Bethany is an experienced and talented trauma therapist with a somatic approach to healing.

Feedback forthcoming!

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