Let’s turn your “well, it exists” website into a powerful sales tool

This is where website strategy & SEO meet empathy-driven messaging.

Their expertise, results, and secret sauce are so compelling that people wanted to work with them, even though their website…well, didn’t convey much of that.

But there came a point when they started to feel more-than-a-little-bothered by their site. 

They started cringing at the idea that potential clients, collaborators, and media were inevitably going to their URL and not getting the best version of their brand...

My clients come to me having achieved success…
even with their “thrown together” website.

The truth is, when your website doesn’t do a good job of articulating your value, there’s no way to know how many more dream opportunities and amazing clients could have been yours…

…but never reached out because they ended up confused or unimpressed when they Googled you.

Work with me and let’s see how much better it can get when your website reflects what you really bring to the table. 

It all started with a belief that my love of books would be enough to sustain me through a 9-5 career. But after 3 years working through college at independent book publishing companies, I knew that office life wasn't it for me. 

So I took a risk: a post-grad gap year teaching English abroad in Madrid. That year was a one of epiphanies-over-glasses-of-Rioja. And the most important realization of all was this: 

I could, just maybe, ramp up my freelancing-on-the-side writing and marketing gigs into a full-time career. Where I could have agency over my day-to-day — and never feel glued to an office (or boss) again. 

When I returned to the States, I moved to California and worked toward making this dream a reality. 

Today, here I am. Living with ultimate freedom and helping other 9-5 escapees do the same by harnessing the 24/7 salesperson potential of their website. 

  • I’ve always been a big dog lover, volunteering for years at a rescue before adopting my own, a 100lb Pitbull/Great Dane named Bobby Socks
  • Today, I live in a much different environment: the concrete jungle, palm trees, sparkling ocean, and forever-sun of Los Angeles, California.
  • I’m originally from a small city in north Georgia. Think: four seasons, pine and oak trees, humidity, a big lake, and red clay. 


  • I’m writing a mystery novel in my spare time (no, I won’t tell you how it ends!)

My story...

The values that guide our work together

Every project I do leads to refinements in the client experience and my SEO website copywriting process, so I’m always getting better and better at what I do. 

I support the rights of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ folks, and if you do too, we'll work very well together! If this doesn’t ring true for you, I’m not the copywriter for you.

No surprises! I believe in being clear and upfront about everything from timelines, to investment, to what you can realistically expect. 

Curious about becoming a client? 

See if my services are a good match for you. 

The clients who see the best results from my approach...

  • are founders of a growing service-based business 
  • have a solidified business model, services suite, and ideal client profile
  • resonate with my straightforward, conversion-friendly approach to copywriting and website strategy 
  • want to launch their next website right from the ground up! 

Not ready to hire a copywriter yet? 

Every month, I host intimate Website Review events, where business owners get my hot-seat-style feedback on their current website. 

These events are just $9 — a great place to start if you’re not sure about hiring a copywriter yet. 

Oh, and it’s a zero-tough-love zone. Compassionate, encouraging feedback only! 

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