Wish you had an expert to help sculpt the copy you write into high-converting perfection? Now you do.

Turn your first (or… fifth) draft into messaging that books clients.

website copy sculpting

Could you use an expert’s skill to be confident your DIY web copy is truly effective?

→ Wrote (or are currently writing) your own website copy and are looking for hands-on expert help to make it better

→ Need to edit your current website messaging because something has shifted in your business 

→ Are interested in a done-with-you website copy experience, where you’re involved in the writing but not alone with it

Website copy sculpting is for you if you…

What can website copy sculpting do for you?

perfect for service professionals beyond diy but not quite ready to pass it all off to an expert.

Website copy sculpting goes far beyond proofreading or editing to "sculpt" your copy and UX into a website that gently guides ideal clients to taking action...

Stronger messaging on your website so no one questions your prices

A more streamlined user experience that makes it easier for great-fit leads to say YES

Improved website metrics, so you know your website is working

Confidence sharing your URL because your site accurately reflects what you do

Relief at not being alone in writing your website copy!

Lauren loreto, founder, brand good time

In just one month since website copy sculpting, we saw:

35.99% increase in time spent on page 

22% decrease in bounce rate (from 60 to 47% <-- a number we've never seen)

3% increase in unique pageviews

5% increase in pages viewed per session

20% increase in call-bookings

18% increase in Showit website guide downloads

What's included in Website Copy Sculpting?

UX and layout suggestions to improve usability and make it easy for clients to find what they need

One round of revisions, including a Zoom Review Call together to get on the same page and make sure the final version is perfect

Easy access to everything in clean Google Doc wireframes (just copy + paste into your site)

Free access to website copy templates — if this is for a new website and not your current website 

Website Goals Questionnaire to highlight additional info + share brand assets that may not have made it into your website copy 

Copy for up to 5 website pages sculpted for conversions and clarity

optional: SEo keyword research + implementation into page copy and meta data, to boost google rankings

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3-month payment plan

Opt for a cash-flow-friendly option with 3 equal payments, 30 days apart.


one-time payment

Save $100 by paying upfront for your website copy sculpting.

Flexible payment options meet you where you are ↓

Get your new web copy back in just one week


"Three weeks after the edits and SEO update, I already see an increased number of visitors and more people taking action and scheduling calls with me."

"I love how she organizes her work, onboarded me and tried to understand my goals. Her delivery is understandable, easy to implement, and super thoughtful.

All that said, I highly recommend Krista’s services!"

Deb Stevenson, founder, cedar & bark photography

"Since my website copy makeover, in the last month, I’ve had 3 Google inquiries and all 3 booked my services."

"They were my ideal clients and a pleasure to work with. I believe my website now reflects my brand and my values clearly to potential clients so by the time they book a discovery call, they are ready to work together. 

I feel like my website now is a marketing tool with a strategic component to speak to and convert my ideal clients."

Mike glatzer, founder, mike glatzer photos

"Within a few days of the changes being completed, I had a 30% increase in leads which was absolutely epic."

"I immediately felt better about the messaging on my key service pages. It aligned better with my process and has reduced some of the questions I usually see from new leads. Within a few days of the changes being completed, I had a 30% increase in leads which was absolutely epic."

Plus, answer a brief Website Goals Questionnaire, where you can share additional thoughts and brand assets that you want me to consider while sculpting.

step 1

share your diy copy with me

  • If you haven't already, write your first drafts of your copy using one of my website copy templates (included for free!) 

  • Otherwise, share your completed copy in Google Docs OR in your website (live or share the password with me so I can view it)

  • Submit everything in my Website Goals Questionnaire (and share additional brand assets if desired, such as Brand Strategy docs, Brand Voice Guides, Client Avatars)

How it works

When our Website Copy Sculpting Week kicks off, you don't have to lift a finger. I'm working BTS to sculpt your copy and UX into conversion-perfection. 

Step 2

Let me work my magic

  • Rewriting or editing headlines and body copy for power and clarity 
  • Making sure your message and positioning shines through 

  • Moving sections around or reformatting them for readability and impact 

  • Reconfiguring your navigation menu and CTAs to improve UX

Your new copy is in! It's time to review and go through a round of refinement before you copy + paste into your site (or hand off to your designer). 

Step 3

Review & Refine

  • Get a Google Drive with all your new copy and layouts, each in its own Doc

  • Watch a brief walk-through video to understand why I made the changes 

  • Optional: Book a Review Call with me to go over everything, ask questions, and get on the same page for refinements

  • If refinements are needed, you'll get the final version back in just a few days!


Take advantage of my SEO expertise and add-on SEO keyword research, meta titles + descriptions, and implementation into your copy. 

Here's a recap of what's included...


If this is for a *new website* and you haven't written your first drafts yet, beat the blank page with my website copy templates. 


Share everything — including your copy, additional info, and/or brand assets — in one easy questionnaire. 


Get 5 high-impact pages sculpted (messaging + UX) for more conversions. (Additional pages can be added for an additional rate.)


Review your new copy and come our Review Call to get on the same page for refinements, before copy + pasting into your site.


In the event that you're not working with a designer, the UX and copy changes are shared in clean Google Doc layouts so you can easily copy + paste into your website.

Hey, I’m Krista Walsh, an SEO website copywriter for founders and CEOs of service-based businesses.

I claimed the SEO website copywriting niche as the area I wanted to invest my time into when I saw how it transformed my own business. 

As I applied my SEO copywriting skills to my website several years ago, my site started ranking on Google for terms my ideal clients — maybe even you! — were searching for. 

This meant that I was being recommended by the #1 search engine in the world as one of the top website copywriters. 

Today, 80% of my leads come from Google search, with little effort on my end to maintain those rankings. Once ideal clients arrive on my website, my messaging does the rest to close the deal for aligned clients. 

This personal success is why I believe wholeheartedly in the value of what I do. I’d love to create similar results for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! I've done this service for sales pages, registration pages, upsell pages, landing pages, one-page websites, and more. I will take a look at what you've got and provide a custom quote. The process and timeline will be the same.


No problem. We can add additional pages to our scope for an additional rate. 

What if I need more than 5 website pages? 

Depending on my current workload, plan on anywhere from 2-4 weeks from now. Inquire earlier than you think!

When can we start? 

In this case, either. If we’re doing the sculpting before your design is finished, you’ll share your copy in a Google doc. If it’s after your design is finished, you’ll just share your completed website with me.

Should I do Website Copy SCULPTING or website design first? 

Yes! You can choose to pay upfront ($1497) to save $100 or select a 3-month payment plan of $533/mo. 

do you offer payment plans?

Nope! We book the week in advance, but I'm the one doing all the sculpting magic. The only thing you need to be present for is the (optional) Review Call the following week. 

Do I need to be available during our website copy sculpting week?

Jess Joswick, founder & ceo, backbone business

"Working with Krista was such a treat! Yes, she's talented and creative. But Krista also has the rare ability to synthesize a bunch of random thoughts I have into coherent, powerful copy.

I was nervous about bringing on a copywriter because it's such a big part of my brand. I didn't need to be."

Matt casner, founder & ceo, freelance entrepreneur

"I was thrilled to get 50% conversion on my registration page!"

"It was a pleasure working with Krista. After a thorough review of of the page, Krista gave me a complete analysis, revealing places in my copy that could be improved, re-organized, removed or added to make the page more compelling from the reader's perspective.

 Krista provided a lot of context for her suggestions and it made if very easy for me to make adjustments and see the real value of having my pages reviewed."

"Krista nailed it and made my website easier to understand and navigate. I feel way more confident about launching my program!"


Inquire below to get started.

Your website copy, but stronger, clearer, and more effective.