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Adding professional copy to your client projects just became easy, streamlined, and affordable. 

For web designers and marketers.  

white-label copywriting

While we both know the value of professional copywriting for a website…. 

That's why it can feel like an uphill battle to persuade clients to hire a separate website copywriter.   Here's why my streamlined, white-label option is an easy sell to clients: 

- Clients don’t have to stretch their budgets. Price points are low enough to feel like a "no brainer."

-Clients don’t have to interview and contract with a separate vendor. This is white-label work, with me as your “in-house” copywriter. 

-Clients don’t have to write their own copy! I handle the copywriting for them. 

clients don't always come in "getting it." 

And this also allows you to...

Build more profit into your website design packages. With my fixed rates as white-label work, you are able to include an upcharge if you’d like, leading to extra profit for your website project. 

Deliver a full-service experience your clients will rave about. When you eliminate the biggest headache of any website design project for clients (getting together all the content), their delight level goes through the roof! (Hello, referrals.)

Here's what makes my white-label option amazing for YOU...

No more bad copy bringing down your design. The final website will convert better with professional copy, leading to better results and stronger testimonials for you.

No more losing leads to design agencies that DO include copy. You can compete with bigger agencies with your own “in-house” copywriter.

No more timeline creep as you wait for clients to deliver their copy. My streamlined process is fast and professional, so you can get on to your design and strategy work quickly.

seth goldstein, founder, goldstein media

Krista is top notch. She has no problem working completely white label and with the client directly to get the content right. She is flexible and easy to work with.

Website copywriting for pages in scope 

Video walkthrough of final copywriting deliverables

2 rounds of revisions via Google Docs

Email support for any questions that come up during design phase

Copy-focused questions to add to your questionnaire

30-minute Phone/Zoom call with the client

Online voice of customer research 

Website layouts for pages in scope 

simple website copy packages:

What's included?

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I'll send you my White-Label Website Copywriting doc for rates, scope, and process ↓

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additional white-label services ↓

Ideal add-on to white-label website copy — I'll identify target keywords and use them in the copy.

Researched content writing for articles, white-papers, and LinkedIn (most industries).
Help clients build their list of hot leads with a strategic lead magnet + email nurture sequence. 
Help clients make the ROI of their services undeniable with a narrative & results-driven case study. 

-Mike Glatzer, founder, Mike Glatzer Photography 

"Major thanks and kudos. I’ve gotten half a dozen inquiries in the past month (unreal considering the circumstances) and consistently get compliments on the website."

"Not only that, NO ONE BATS AN EYE AT MY PRICING. I’ve never been in this situation before. People see my value and want to hire me, no questions asked.

Seriously, so much of that is because of the amazing work you’ve done in helping to write my website and help with the formatting."

-Nicole Dalonzo, cofounder, social fresh

We've never handed this much copy off to someone before and we 100% picked the perfect partner for our website refresh.

Working with Krista was a mental health move of investing in the support you need. Finding the right partner is so important. We’re excited to get the new site launched soon and we're very confident we'll see results.

The entire process was very smooth, we felt very well taken care of! If you have the opportunity to work with Krista, jump at it!”

-sabrina robinson, founder & ceo, threo skin 

Krista takes what's in your head and makes it make sense to who you're talking to.

 It’s so helpful for any small business owner who has created a business they're passionate about but are having a hard time figuring out how to talk to their ideal client.

It was also just such an easy process that it just made my life 1,000% easier. When you run a business, you just get so overwhelmed by the prospect of launching a new website, and even by the idea of hiring website professionals. So the fact that Krista’s system is so easy on her clients was such a relief. I barely had to do anything; she took care of it all.

One surprising detail that came out of the experience was the feedback we got from our clients Krista interviewed. They were telling me how great their interview went, and how she was able to ‘get them’ on a deeper level.” 

Pitch your next website design client to include in-house copywriting and then bring me onto the project!

STage 1

Pitch & book

  • Pitch your next web design client to include copywriting.

  • Shoot me an email to confirm availability.

  • Once your clients signs their contract, let me know the due date for the content.

  • Pay my invoice to officially get your project on the books. 

The Simple Process

Intro me to your client as your in-house copywriter and let the copywriting begin!

Stage 2

Intake & Copy 

  • Send your intake form that includes my copywriting-focused questions.

  •  Instruct the client to book their call with your in-house copywriter via my scheduling link.

  •  I craft your client’s website copy and layouts, and deliver it to them (and you) via Google Docs. 

Let me handle revisions with the client, with you simply observing (or adding input if you have it).

Stage 3

review & refine

  • Watch the walkthrough video to see my thought process for how I crafted the copy.

  • Client makes notes for adjustments in the Google Docs.

  • I review and refine for Version 2. 

  • Repeat one more time, then it's ready for design!

request my rates

I'll send you my White-Label Website Copywriting doc for rates, scope, and process ↓

Request my rates

Hey, I’m Krista Walsh, an SEO website copywriter for founders and CEOs of service-based businesses.

I claimed the SEO website copywriting niche as the area I wanted to invest my time into when I saw how it transformed my own business. 

As I applied my SEO copywriting skills to my website several years ago, my site started ranking on Google for terms my ideal clients — maybe even you! — were searching for. 

This meant that I was being recommended by the #1 search engine in the world as one of the top website copywriters. 

Today, 80% of my leads come from Google search, with little effort on my end to maintain those rankings. Once ideal clients arrive on my website, my messaging does the rest to close the deal for aligned clients. 

This personal success is why I believe wholeheartedly in the value of what I do. I’d love to create similar results for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out at least two weeks before the deadline for the content! I've developed a streamlined process on my end to make it as easy as possible for you to add copywriting without adding a ton of extra time. 

How far in advance do i need to book you?

From the time you book me, plan for two weeks. This should give the client enough time to book a quick call with me and for me to write the copy.

What's the timeline for turnarounds?

Not yet! Make sure you have requested my White-Label Copywriting doc with all the info (like rates). Then, I'll be in touch to schedule a super quick call with you just to make sure it's a great fit for both of us. After that, you can start pitching ASAP.

can i start pitching copy right now?

This should never happen, because of my systems. Everyone who confirms they'll be using me as a white-label copywriter gets added to my fancy Airtable of partners. As soon as I'm booked or otherwise unavailable beyond the next two weeks, I will tell you, so you always know ahead of time when I'm booked. 

what if i pitch copy and then you're booked and can't do it?

Of course. If your standard workflow with clients requires a slightly different process on my end, I'm happy to accommodate you. 

Can we adjust the process for my workflow?

Yes. I can offer white-label copywriting services for email, sales pages, landing pages, case studies, lead magnets, and content. Rates by request!

Do you other types of white-label copywriting?

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