So you can write copy that speaks your clients’ language (and feels way easier to write).

Get clear on how your ideal clients think, feel, and talk.

message mastery GUIDE

Even if you have great instincts about your ideal clients, nothing compares to hard data.

As a business owner, you may have done pretty well just by feeling out what your ideal clients needed to hear from you.

But as you grow and your target market becomes more sophisticated, speaking their language becomes harder and harder.

The solution?

a message mastery guide.

Outcomes: your clients’ "after state" — how their life has improved since working with you

Unique value propositions: why your clients chose your services over the competition or their opinions on what makes your services stand out compared to others

The language your ideal clients use to describe all of the above!

So you or your team can confidently write copy and create marketing that speaks to your ideal clients (without guessing).

What's in a Message Mastery Guide? 

Pain points: your clients’ "before state" — how they felt or acted, things they tried before that didn't work, what they were struggling with

Stand-out features: the elements or characteristics of your services that provided the most memorable benefits for your clients

Hesitations: the things that caused your clients to pause before saying “yes” to working with you (and which ultimately had to be overcome)

-sydney smith, founder, mindset with syd

It can be so hard from the inside to truly know what draws people to your work.

My message mastery guide allowed me to see a bird’s eye view of my business and informed me what to focus on moving forward. 

Transcripts & audio of each interview that you can use to sink into the language and emotions of your ideal clients 

One long and short testimonial created from each interview to use in any of your marketing or copywriting

A completed Message Mastery Guide, packaging the messaging points and voice of customer data for easy access

Intake Questionnaire for you share your burning questions about how your ideal clients think, feel, and talk

Up to 8 client interviews to gather the detailed, qualitative data and voice of customer research that will inform the messaging points

Interview analysis to uncover patterns in what your clients shared, broken down into useful messaging points that will resonate with your target market

Key messaging points for up to 3 core offers, uncovered from client interviews

What's included?

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3-month payment plan


one-time payment

Flexible payment options to accommodate your cash flow ↓


Save $100 by paying upfront for your Message Mastery Guide.

Opt for a cash-flow-friendly option with 3 equal payments, 30 days apart

Offer Messaging Mini Guide


The same process and messaging points, but just developed for ONE offer (instead of 3). Ideal for business owners who are confident in the messaging for existing offers, but need to flesh out messaging for a new offer just after the beta-stage. 


sydney smith, founder, mindset with syd

"The interviews delivered extremely valuable insights into my customers that I would not have received otherwise just through testimonials."

"This project provided more long term value in allowing me to get inside the head of my ideal clientele and create marketing content and programs that align.

It can be so hard from the inside to truly know what draws people to your work. Her thorough interviews allowed me to see a bird’s eye view of my business and informed me what to focus on moving forward."

My favorite part! I love interviewing your past clients to sink into the perspective you can't fully see — your target market's.  This is how deeply empathetic messaging gets made. 

STage 1

Client Interviews

  • Answer brief Intake Questionnaire with basic info like ideal client descriptions

  • Connect me with up to 8 past clients for me to interview and get inside their perspective 

  • Stay in the loop as I set up and conduct interviews with each client 

The Process

Putting it all together! Get the messaging points broken down by up to 3 core offers, including voice of customer highlights (e.g. specific words and phrases your clients use). 

Stage 2

Message Mastery Guide

An exciting moment —  you receive your deliverables: 

  • Message Mastery Guide, with everything from pain points to outcomes broken down by each offer

  • Transcripts & audio of each interview that you can use to sink into the language and emotions of your ideal clients 

  • One long and short testimonial created from each interview to use in any of your marketing or copywriting

See how I'd use your Guide moving forward! I send you a video walkthrough of your deliverables, including my specific recommendations for how to use it to inform marketing, copywriting, and even business decisions. 

Stage 3


  • Watch the walkthrough video to see my thought process for how I shaped your Guide

  • Receive recommendations for what to do next with your Guide

  • Start writing stronger copy and creating more effective marketing with decisions now backed by real-life client insights!


Capture the moments your clients are raving during their interview for fresh testimonials that are leaps and bounds more compelling than something they'd write in a form.

Here's a recap of what's included...


Get nuanced client intel thanks to interviews with your past clients by a neutral expert (me)... who also knows exactly what questions to ask to get to the real stuff.


Hear what your clients have to say (and how they say it!) to sink into their world and make writing copy and creating marketing easier and more effective.

message mastery GUIDE

A Guide featuring messaging points for up to 3 core offers: pain points, stand-out features, hesitations, motivations, outcomes, unique value propositions, and words & phrases clients use.

Hey, I’m Krista Walsh, an SEO website copywriter for founders and CEOs of service-based businesses.

I claimed the SEO website copywriting niche as the area I wanted to invest my time into when I saw how it transformed my own business. 

As I applied my SEO copywriting skills to my website several years ago, my site started ranking on Google for terms my ideal clients — maybe even you! — were searching for. 

This meant that I was being recommended by the #1 search engine in the world as one of the top website copywriters. 

Today, 80% of my leads come from Google search, with little effort on my end to maintain those rankings. Once ideal clients arrive on my website, my messaging does the rest to close the deal for aligned clients. 

This personal success is why I believe wholeheartedly in the value of what I do. I’d love to create similar results for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Great! Client interviews are one of the first things I do with my website copy clients anyway, so you’re just ahead of the game. Because of that, I’ll take the investment off the total. It’s a no-lose situation. 

What if I decide to hire you to do my website copy after this?

Plan for 3-4 weeks. The timeline is mostly to account for scheduling the interviews. 

How long does this take?

At least 6, but up to as many as 8. Also, keep in mind that I’ll want to interview at least two clients per offer.

How many clients do you need to interview?

Yep! For your own business or your clients. 

What if I’m a copywriter, too? Can I still hire you to do these client interviews for me?

Yes! The "Offer Messaging Mini Guide" is this same exact process but just for ONE offer, and it's $1199. 

You say this is for "up to 3 offers," but i only have one offer. can i get a discount?

Yes! Click here to view an example. 

Can I see an example of a message mastery guide?

sabrina robinson, founder, threo skin

ezra cohen, founder & ceo, lucidcircus

I hired Krista because I was looking to make the website a lot clearer — to communicate what we actually did to someone who was coming fresh to the website. There was no cohesiveness to our old website messaging. 

"The most valuable part of Krista’s process, aside from the copy, is that she interviewed my clients, and she got wonderful feedback from them."

"That messaging guide was everything I was looking for!"

"One surprising detail that came out of the experience was the feedback we got from our clients Krista interviewed. They were telling me how great their interview went, and how she was able to ‘get them’ on a deeper level."


Get in touch, and I'll reach out to schedule a no-obligation Intro Call to see if a Message Mastery Guide is a good fit for you.

Never again guess, assume, or start from scratch with your copywriting and marketing