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Book a Website Strategy Session to plan your website pages, user journey, navigation menu, and more. 

Start the website process with a clear vision.


Website strategy is the smart first step toward an intentional (and money-making) website.

→ Identifying what website pages you need to reach your website goals (like: getting more aligned leads to say YES)

→ Strategizing how to position your Services pages (e.g. multiple pages or just one? Show pricing or not? Use a comparison chart?)

→ Mapping out your navigation menu and user journey for a seamless user experience 

What is a Website Strategy Session for?

Avoid “website overwhelm”
by starting with website strategy.

perfect for those who want to plan their website out before making decisions

In our 45-minute Website Strategy Session, we'll make sure you start your new website process with a clear vision, protect every investment by planning FIRST, and ultimately launch your website right from the ground up.

We'll cover...

Website pages: Which pages serve your goals best?

Navigation: How should you organize your nav?

User journey: i.e. from the Home page, where should people go next? Then where?

Services: Which services should you highlight on your website and how?

CTAs: What will the primary/secondary calls to action be?

Website platforms: Which CMS is best for your business and website goals?

Pricing: Do you include your prices on your website? If so, how?

Hiring pros: Does it make sense to invest in website design and copywriting, or should you DIY?

-jaime brockaway

What's included in your Website Strategy Session?

Resources and referrals handpicked for you to help you follow through on your website launch

Video recording of the call to refer back to as you execute your website launch 

45-minute Website Strategy Session over Zoom to collaboratively plan out your website + website launch process

My final notes on every element we map out in an easy-to-access Google Doc

if you decide to continue our project and bring me on for website copy, your website strategy investment is rolled into the total cost.

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one-time payment

If you need more support after this session, this investment is taken off your next website copy project with me.

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A Website Strategy Session is a quick-win for intentional founders 

Jaimie McDonald

"As a copywriter myself, it's easy for me to see the big picture for *other* businesses, but seeing it for my business can be challenging. "

"I loved getting Krista's insight on my website with her Website Strategy session!

Krista was able to walk through all the nooks and crannies of my site & give me helpful, easily-implemented suggestions for improving the user journey for my audience. I've implemented some of her suggestions already & feel much better about sending people to my website!"

April Clemmer

I feel much more confident going into setting up my new website for my business! I can't wait to work with Krista again!

Krista has a meta understanding of all the components that go into a website and how they work together to make it successful. She understands every aspect of your website and how they should work together to get you top tier results.

 Her advice and feedback is gold!

Hey, I’m Krista Walsh, an SEO website copywriter for founders and CEOs of service-based businesses.

I claimed the SEO website copywriting niche as the area I wanted to invest my time into when I saw how it transformed my own business. 

As I applied my SEO copywriting skills to my website several years ago, my site started ranking on Google for terms my ideal clients — maybe even you! — were searching for. 

This meant that I was being recommended by the #1 search engine in the world as one of the top website copywriters. 

Today, 80% of my leads come from Google search, with little effort on my end to maintain those rankings. Once ideal clients arrive on my website, my messaging does the rest to close the deal for aligned clients. 

This personal success is why I believe wholeheartedly in the value of what I do. I’d love to create similar results for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Strategy is included in my Signature Website Copy service, so you don't need to book this separately if you're booking DFY copy! 

But if you decide to book Signature Website Copy after this session, I'll take the $197 investment off the cost of your website copy. It's a win-win.

is website strategy included in your other services?

Website Strategy Sessions were made for you if you...

-Feel overwhelmed (or keep second-guessing yourself) by how to structure your website or make decisions

-Aren’t sure you need website copy help but could use help deciding on the big-picture direction for your new website

-Really want a birds-eye view of the whole website launch thing *before* you start investing significant money into it 

is a website strategy session right for me?

Great! Website strategy is one of the first things I do with my website copy clients anyway, so you’re just ahead of the game. Because of that, I’ll take the investment off the total. It’s a no-lose situation. 

What if I DO decide to hire you for website copywriting after booking this session? 

Yes! If you decide to write your copy in-house or work with another copywriter, having your website strategy decided will make everything easier and more effective.

Will this session help me even if I decide not to hire you for copywriting? 

Yes! This a fantastic first step to kick off your whole website process. I can even recommend designers I trust. 

Is this a good investment if I’m planning to hire professionals to do my whole website? 

Totally. This session will help you start with a direction, making writing your copy and choosing website templates easier (I may be able to recommend specific templates for you, too).

Is this session a good investment if I’m DIY-ing my website? 

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