Website Strategy, Copywriting, and SEO 

  • Copy that moves the needle doesn’t come from assuming how your ideal clients feel — it’s crucial to go straight to the source via client interviews. 

  • Let’s get you more conversions minus the shaming or manipulation — by empathizing and validating pain points without making readers feel bad.

  • Your website should be doing the heavy lifting to get you more and better clients — not just “existing” to check a box or make you look legit. 

My philosophy when it comes to websites & messaging:

Are my services the right match for you?

"I felt very supported while working with Krista, and it was like unwrapping a gift when I received the new copy for my website.

Her questionnaire and her questions during our kick-off call were on point and allowed us to go deep into my business. The clients interviews are a fantastic tool to gain insights and get an outside point of view. And I really felt like Krista was holding my hand during the review process to ensure that I could update my website properly. "

Jeanne Carlier, founder, Spark and Bloom Studio

"My UX and messaging are much clearer and more engaging now. I'd recommend Krista to other business owners in a heartbeat!"

A 45-minute session to plan your website strategy, including pages, navigation menu, calls to action, website platform choice, and more

Website Strategy Session

Best fit for service-based business owners who...

  • Want to plan their website out before deciding on larger investments (like design & copy)

  • Feel overwhelmed by everything that goes into a website launch and want a roadmap

A Website Strategy Session is a smart first step for intentional founders. 
Best fit for service-based business owners who...

  • Want insights into their ideal clients to inform their copywriting and marketing 

  • Need a consolidated, client-focused messaging guide to keep their team on the same page

  • Want to differentiate messaging points for each core offer (or a new offer) based on real client data

interviews with your clients to create a Messaging Guide of their pain points, motivations, hesitations, and more 

Message Mastery Guide

Launch your website right with DFY website copy powered by SEO & nuanced client intel

Signature Website Copy

Best for service-based business owners who...

  • Are done with DIY and are ready to invest in proven done-for-you copy (and make your website design process that much smoother)

  • Want to launch your next website right from the ground up (and know how crucial messaging is to conversions)!

  • Have solid offers, great results, and a point of view, and now need your website to reflect this

Let's figure it out together.


Mike Glatzer, founder, Mike Glatzer Photography 

"Major thanks and kudos. I’ve gotten half a dozen inquiries in the past month (unreal considering the circumstances) and consistently get compliments on the website."

"Not only that, NO ONE BATS AN EYE AT MY PRICING. I’ve never been in this situation before. People see my value and want to hire me, no questions asked.

Seriously, so much of that is because of the amazing work you’ve done in helping to write my website and help with the formatting."

sabrina robinson, founder & ceo, threo skin 

"Krista takes what's in your head and makes it make sense to who you're talking to."

"It’s so helpful for any small business owner who has created a business they're passionate about but are having a hard time figuring out how to talk to their ideal client.

It was also just such an easy process that it just made my life 1,000% easier. When you run a business, you just get so overwhelmed by the prospect of launching a new website, and even by the idea of hiring website professionals. So the fact that Krista’s system is so easy on her clients was such a relief. I barely had to do anything; she took care of it all."

Nicole Dalonzo, cofounder, social fresh

"We've never handed this much copy off to someone before and we 100% picked the perfect partner for our website refresh."

"Working with Krista was a mental health move of investing in the support you need. Finding the right partner is so important. We’re excited to get the new site launched soon and we're very confident we'll see results.

The entire process was very smooth, we felt very well taken care of! If you have the opportunity to work with Krista, jump at it!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! I can help you figure out on our Intro Call. But a safe bet is to start with a Website Strategy Session — it's the precursor to other services, and the small investment rolls into any other service you book, so it's a win-win. 

I'm torn between services options. how do i decide?

Click on the button for the service you're interested in and read through the information + dedicated FAQ on the services page — if you still have questions, you can email me directly at


Of course! For a template, I just need to see your template before we start our work, so I can shape the copy to fit perfectly into your template. Similarly, if you're keeping your current design, just let me know, and I'll shape the copy to fit perfectly into your current design. 

Can I work with you if I'm using a website design template or want to keep my current design?

Yes! For all services but Website Strategy Sessions, I offer 3-month payment plans to make your investment cash-flow-friendly. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Hey, I’m Krista Walsh, an SEO website copywriter for founders and CEOs of service-based businesses.

I claimed the SEO website copywriting niche as the area I wanted to invest my time into when I saw how it transformed my own business. 

As I applied my SEO copywriting skills to my website several years ago, my site started ranking on Google for terms my ideal clients — maybe even you! — were searching for. 

This meant that I was being recommended by the #1 search engine in the world as one of the top website copywriters. 

Today, 80% of my leads come from Google search, with little effort on my end to maintain those rankings. Once ideal clients arrive on my website, my messaging does the rest to close the deal for aligned clients. 

This personal success is why I believe wholeheartedly in the value of what I do. I’d love to create similar results for you! 

We officially kickoff our project with a service agreement and payment — and a very warm welcome!


I send a proposal outlining deliverables, goals, timelines, and investment — so you have everything you need to decide.


We chat over Zoom to see if my services are a good fit for you — and which one is best for your goals.


here's what to expect:

What happens next...

Nzinga Moore, founder, Empowered to Act

"I absolutely loved working with Krista! I was so lucky to have found her and couldn't have asked for a better experience."

"She was able to translate my ideas into beautiful copy that not only landed with prospects but converted them into customers. She took the time to really understand my story and journey, my vision, and my company.

As a coach, my offerings are not as straightforward as most companies and I appreciate Krista really taking the time to clarify outcomes."

Ready to dial-in your website messaging?